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Earth Love Recycling

Earth Love Recycling, founded by Jarrod Fala, is a waste management company that serves homes, businesses, and contractors of all sizes in New Castle county, Delaware.

We are a locally-owned company that primarily focuses on the process of safely and responsibly recycling environmentally adverse items that harm our delicate ecosystems.

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Our Expertise

Although a relatively new company, our founder has over a decade of experience working with local and state governments to standardize specialty product recycling. Being a local business, we come to you to collect your unwanted items. With us, you can expect a job well done every time consistently.

Safe for the Environment

We give utmost importance to the environment and follow stringent guidelines for your and environment safety. We have a well-trained staff that practices responsible and sustainable recycling. Our team is committed to a cleaner and safer planet for the present and generations to come.

Earth Love Recycling


Earth Love Recycling makes every attempt to recycle what is collected.

Earth Love Recycling utilizes donation, reuse, resale, salvage, and regional specialty recycling companies to properly handle collected items.

We are a new company currently operating in the Northern Delaware Market. We are looking to expand into viable markets in the near future.